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In lieu of comparison-shopping for the chic matrimony dresses, try out an outfit that meets your particular body shape and flatters your figure. Lots of women do not do this because they sadly have no idea about their figure, but it is really easy to identify which category you fall into. Generally speaking, there are […]

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Last year, Julie Shupp went to Cocalico High School’s prom in a flowy teal dress with sequins on top. “It was so pretty,” says Shupp, now a senior. “I felt like a princess.” And it was free. Shupp’s part of the Cocalico National Honor Society’s prom dress collection, Cinderella’s Closet. The closet is one of […]

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Let’s face it most brides purchase their dress well in advance and unless you are paying additional storage costs to the bridal store from which it was purchased, keeping it in perfect condition will fall squarely on your shoulders. In order to know how to store your dress to avoid any irreversible damage from occurring, […]